EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) is the second largest park in Walt Disney World. It is divided into two main sections Future World, located near the front of the park, and World Showcase, near the middle/back of the park. Currently, there are two entrances to World Showcase, one at the front of the park through Future World and the other through the International Gateway (which connects to Disney’s Boardwalk area and is the location of one of the new Skyliner stations) near the France and UK pavilions.

World Showcase has eleven country pavilions which are laid out in a circle pattern. The countries around the lagoon traveling clockwise (facing World Showcase from Future World) are Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America (The American Adventure), Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. World Showcase also features a nightly fireworks show – Epcot Forever.

EPCOT is also currently undergoing extensive refurbishment as numerous changes and additions are coming soon to the park. Even though World Showcase will mostly remain the same aside from a few additions and small changes coming to a handful of pavilions (see below), Future World will undergo major changes over the next several years. Here’s a summary of what EPCOT will become in the near future:

The Four “Neighborhoods” of EPCOT

After its transformation, EPCOT will be divided into four “neighborhoods”, with one neighborhood being World Showcase. The other three neighborhoods will be located in what is now the “Future World” section of Epcot at the front of the park. The west side of Future World – home to Soarin’Living With The LandThe Seas With Nemo and FriendsTurtle Talk With Crush, and Journey Into Imagination With Figment – will become the World Nature neighborhood, while the east side – home to Mission SpaceTest Track, and the now extinct Universe of Energy (soon to be replaced by a Guardians of the Galaxy themed coaster) – will become the World Discovery neighborhood. The center section of the current Future World, which features Spaceship Earth as its centerpiece, will become the World Celebration neighborhood and will receive several additions of its own. Future World’s full overhaul is expected to be complete by sometime in 2021.

While we don’t yet know everything that will be included in each neighborhood, it appears that most – if not all – of the rides in these areas will remain after the remodel. New attractions and experiences revealed for the new Future World area are the previously announced Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind coaster, the new space themed restaurant (Space 220), and the all new PLAY! Pavilion coming to the World Discovery neighborhood. The newly announced Moana themed water experience will be added to the World Nature neighborhood. World Celebration will see a few updates to Spaceship Earth, a new entrance design, a new nature-based area called Dreamers Point, and a new pavilion which will be a three-level structure that will serve as the central hub for EPCOT’s many festivals.


Due to the current health concerns, some of the experiences and features listed are currently unavailable. For more info on the current changes to the parks and which attractions and entertainment are currently operating, see our post about Walt Disney World’s reopening phase.

Future World

The first thing you will see as you enter EPCOT is Spaceship Earth, which is the giant ball that can be seen towering above the rest of the park. Many people do not realize that Spaceship Earth is actually a ride, and it marks the entrance to Future World. There is a large selection of attractions and restaurants in Future World which are located around a central circle area.

Entertainment options in Future World are the JAMMitors at Future World EastDisney & Pixar Short Film Festival, various animal viewing areas inside of SeaBase, and the Turtle Talk with Crush interactive show. There are also a few unique Character Meet and Greets located near the entrance of EPCOT and inside Future World. Currently, you can meet these characters in this area:

  1. Meet Baymax at Hiro’s Workshop
  2. Meet Joy and Sadness at Headquarters
  3. Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot (Currently – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy)
  4. Meet Pluto at Legacy Plaza West
  5. Meet Ralph and Venellope Inside ImageWorks

Interactive Play Areas include Advanced Training LabBruce’s Shark WorldImageWorks – The “What If” Labs, and Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future.

Also located here is the sign up area of the Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure scavenger hunt that takes place in the World Showcase.

There are several rides in Future World, which are:

  1. Journey Into Imagination with Figment
  2. Living with the Land (a ride-through tour of the Disney gardens and green house areas)
  3. Mission: SPACE
  4. The Seas with Nemo and Friends
  5. Soarin’ Around the World
  6. Test Track

Quick Service and Table Service options currently available in Future World include:

  1. Coral Reef Restaurant (Table Service)
  2. Electric Umbrella (Quick Service)
  3. Garden Grill Restaurant (Table Service – Character Dining)
  4. The Land Cart (Quick Service)
  5. Sunshine Seasons (Quick Service)
  6. Test Track Cool Wash (Quick Service)

The current shops in Future World are:

  1. Art of Disney
  2. Camera Center – Future World
  3. Gateway Gifts
  4. ImageWorks
  5. Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay
  6. Mouse Gear
  7. Pin Central – Future World
  8. SeaBase Gift Shop
  9. Test Track SIMporium

World Showcase

EPCOT’s World Showcase features eleven country pavilions around a large lagoon, two (soon to be three) rides, and several entertainment options.

A Mary Poppins attraction coming to the UK Pavilion was announced during the 2019 D23 Expo, but it appears to have been postponed or cancelled since it has been removed from the EPCOT reimagining video featured at the park.


Heading clockwise around World Showcase (turn left after leaving Future World and entering World Showcase), the Mexico Pavilion is the first country you will come to. The Mexico Pavilion has one rideGran Fiesta Tour Featuring the Three Caballeros – and one museum/art area, which is the Mexico Folk Art Gallery. For entertainment, the Mariachi Cobre plays several times daily.

The food and beverage options in Mexico are:

  1. Choza de Margarita (Quick Service)
  2. La Cantina de San Angel (Quick Service)
  3. La Cava de Tequila (Quick Service)
  4. La Hacienda de San Angel (Table Service)
  5. San Angel Inn Restaurante (Table Service)

Mexico is also home to a Meet and Greet with Donald Duck in his Three Caballeros outfit. Shopping areas include El Ranchito del Norte, La Princesa de Cristal – Mexico, La Tienda Encantada, Plaza de los Amigos, and Ring Carvers.


Next to the Mexico Pavilion is Norway, which is home the only Disney princess-themed ride in World ShowcaseFrozen Ever After. There is one museum gallery in Norway – Stave Church Gallery – which is also the location of the Norway Vikings character entertainment. Also in Norway you can Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus.

The Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Table Service character dining and the Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe Counter Service are the only two food options in Norway.

The shops in Norway are The Puffin’s Roost and Wandering Reindeer.


Continuing to travel clockwise around World Showcase, the China Pavilion is next. This pavilion does not currently have a ride, but it does have a couple of shows. The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats perform multiple times a day, and the 360 film Wondrous China will soon open where the Reflections of China show once played. The House of the Whispering Willows is a gallery that currently features a behind-the-scenes look at Disney’s newest park – Shanghai Disney. You can also Meet Mulan in China at certain times of day.

There are a few dining options in China, which are:

  1. Joy of Tea (Counter Service)
  2. Lotus Blossom Cafe (Counter Service)
  3. Nine Dragons Restaurant (Table Service)

China has two shopsGood Fortune Gifts and House of Good Fortune.


Next to China is Germany, which also does not currently have any rides. This pavilion also does not have any entertainment at this time, though you can Meet Snow White here.

Food and beverage options in Germany are:

  1. Biergarten Restaurant (Table Service)
  2. Sommerfest (Quick Service)

There are also a multitude of shops in Germany, including:

  1. Das Kaufhaus
  2. Der Teddybar
  3. Die Weihnachts Ecke
  4. Glaskunst
  5. Karamell-Küche (food store)
  6. My Heritage Books
  7. Stein Haus
  8. Volkskunst
  9. Weinkeller


Next up is Italy, in which there are no rides. There is one show, however, which is a performance by mime and juggler Sergio.

The dining options in Italy are:

  1. Gelati (Counter Service)
  2. Tutto Gusto Wine Sellar (Table Service)
  3. Tutto Italia Ristorante (Table Service)
  4. Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria (Table Service)

Italy also has a few shops:

  1. Il Bel Cristallo
  2. La Bottega Italiana
  3. La Gemma Elegante

The American Adventure:

Located at the back of the park directly across the lagoon from Future World’s Spaceship Earth is the American Pavilion, which is actually named “The American Adventure”. No rides are found here, but entertainment options include the Voices of Liberty singers who perform several times a day and an animatronic show that is also named The American Adventure. The American Heritage Gallery is also located in this area.

The American Pavilion’s food and drinks options include:

  1. Block & Hans (Quick Service)
  2. Fife & Drum Tavern (Quick Service)
  3. Funnel Cake (Quick Service)
  4. Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue (Quick Service)

There is only one shop listed in the America Pavilion, which is Heritage Manor Gifts.


Continuing clockwise around World Showcase Lagoon, the Japan Pavilion sits directly next to The American Adventure Pavilion. Currently, there are no rides in Japan and no live entertainment. There is one museum-type area in Japan called the Bijutsu-kan Gallery.

Japan’s dining options are:

  1. Kabuki Cafe (Quick Service)
  2. Katsura Grill (Quick Service)
  3. Takumi-Tei (Table Service)
  4. Teppan Edo (Table Service)
  5. Tokyo Dining (Table Service)

Two shops are located in Japan, which are:

  1. Mitsukoshi Department Store
  2. Mitsukoshi Kiosk


Next to Japan is the Morocco Pavilion, which currently has no rides and no entertainment. However, you can Meet Princess Jasmine in Morocco.

Morocco offers three dining options:

  1. Restaurant Marrakesh (Table Service)
  2. Spice Road Table (Table Service)
  3. Tangierine Cafe (Quick Service)

Several shops are located in Morocco, including:

  1. The Brass Bazaar
  2. Casablanca Carpets
  3. Marketplace in the Medina
  4. Souk-al-Magreb
  5. Tangier Traders


The next pavilion around World Showcase is France, and this pavilion is also next to the International Gateway park entrance that connects EPCOT to Disney’s Boardwalk area (EPCOT’s new Skyliner station is also located at International Gateway). The only entertainment options currently offered at this pavilion is Serveur Amusant™, which is a group of French acrobats, the Impressions de France film, and a new Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along show.

You can Meet Belle in France, but there are no rides in France at the moment. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride was set to open in the summer of 2020 but has been postponed until further notice. This dark ride is based on an already existing Ratatouille themed attraction found at Disneyland Paris.

France currently offers the most food and beverage options of all the World Showcase pavilions, and another creperie – La Crêperie de Paris – is set to open sometime in the future. The current restaurant options in the France Pavilion are:

  1. Chefs de France (Table Service)
  2. Crepes des Chefs de France (Quick Service)
  3. L’Artisan des Glaces (Quick Service)
  4. Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (Quick Service)
  5. Les Vins des Chefs de France (Quick Service)
  6. Monsieur Paul (Table Service)

Four shops are also located in France, which are:

  1. La Signature
  2. Les Vins de France
  3. Plume et Palette
  4. Souvenirs de France

United Kingdom:

Next to France in World Showcase is the United Kingdom Pavilion, which is usually just referred to as the UK Pavilion. This pavilion is also directly connected to the International Gateway park entrance, which connects EPCOT to the Disney Boardwalk (EPCOT’s new Skyliner station is also located at International Gateway). The British Revolution and the Rose and Crown Pub Musician are the only entertainment options currently located in the UK pavilion, and you can also meet Alice from Alice in Wonderland here. A Winnie the Pooh meet and greet has also recently returned to the UK pavilion, and you can meet Pooh Bear in Christopher Robbin’s room located near the back of the Toy Soldier Shop, though this character meet is not listed on the website at this time.

Dining options in the UK Pavilion include:

  1. Rose & Crown Dining Room (Table Service)
  2. Rose & Crown Pub (Table Service)
  3. UK Beer Cart (Quick Service)
  4. Yorkshire County Fish Shop (Quick Service)

The United Kingdom also has several shops, including:

  1. The Crown & Crest
  2. Lords and Ladies
  3. Sportsman’s Shoppe
  4. The Tea Caddy
  5. The Toy Soldier
  6. The Queen’s Table


Finishing out the World Showcase is the Canada Pavilion. There are two shows in Canada, which are the new Canada Far and Wide 360 film and a band that plays at the Canada Mill Stage. There are no rides in Canada at this time.

Canada currently offers only one restaurantLe Cellier Steakhouse (Table Service), and one popcorn cart, Popcorn in Canada (Quick Service).

Two shops are located in this pavilion, which are:

  1. Northwest Mercantile
  2. Trading Post

Outside of the permanent World Showcase pavilions, there are also a handful of shops and dining options that can be found around the World Showcase.

The shops are: Port of Entry and Disney Traders located at the main entrance to World Showcase, Village Traders located in the Outpost section between China and Germany, and World Traveler located at the International Gateway entrance next to the France Pavilion.

Year-round food and beverage options include Promenade Refreshments located near the main entrance of World Showcase and Refreshment Outpost located between China and Germany. At the entrance to World Showcase is also a meet and greet location, which is currently Meet Daisy near World Showcase Plaza.

Many other food and beverage locations are added throughout the year during the various festivals that take place in EPCOT.

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We try to update the information on this page as often as possible, but Disney frequently makes changes and updates to their parks and offerings. Because of this, the information in this post was current at the time of publishing and is subject to change at any moment. We always recommend double checking the official Walt Disney World website before planning your trip.

Last Updated October 24, 2020